Hello! I'm Shubham 👋

I am a designerly combination of Experience, Solution, and Business,

solving problems at the intersection of People, Planet, and Profit.

Design Research  |  Product and Service Design  |  Strategic Management | User Experience Design  


Identifying the gaps or misalignments in Dinshaw’s Milk Vertical and provide possible solutions for attracting consumers/building Dinshaw loyalists.

User Experience Study| Benchmarking | Technological Intervention | Concept Design

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Redesigning the Business model of FabHotels

Market Research | Business Mapping | Strategy Design | Experience Design


Future Libraries & the Role of Automation. To revamp the existing KMC structure and redesign it to create New User Experience by incorporating latest and future oriented technological tools.

User Experience Study| Benchmarking | Technological Intervention | Concept Design

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I am a Strategic Designer and a Researcher, currently working as a Product Designer at Stockal.

My project is about Designing Ecosystem of Products to convert Indian Investors into International Investors. Having pursued my Masters in Design, with a specialization in Strategic Design Management, I thrive for simplicity, use Design and Research to generate insights of strategic importance, that create opportunities for meaningful products, services & experiences.

As a curious experimenter and a fervid design strategist, I am always keen to decode people's complex realm of latent needs and behaviors under different contexts. I leverage design as a skill, method, tool, and creativity to embody new ideas and directions.

I always seek to collaborate with multi-disciplinary teams to explore opportunities to improve product/service offerings and scale them for efficient business models.I believe in keeping a positive and a never-give-up attitude as a way of navigating uncertainties- in my work, and life.

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